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Latest Fb Status in English 2021। Facebook Status

Latest Fb Status in English 2021। Facebook Status

 Fb Status in English

Fb status in english, fb quotes in english, fb shayari in english

Welcome to all of at Sevendaymotivations.com . यहां पर हम fb status का पूरा set आपके लिए English में लेकर आए हैं। तो इन्हें अपने फ्रैंड्स और दुसरे व्यक्तियों के साथ शेयर अवश्य करें।

Latest Fb Status in English 2021 

Latest Fb Status in English 2021
Latest Fb Status in English 2021

1. If you want to live in this world of selfishness, you have to be alert every moment, if you have to survive by deceit, you will have to move your feet even in sleep.

2. Wise person makes mistakes, have ever seen mad people making love.

3. Childhood was very good, everyone used to call them by name, when they were young, people now call them from work.

4. I don’t care what the world says, just my mother says you are very naive.

5. People believe in the trigger of their gun, we believe in our own jigger.

6. Don’t make the mistake of copying us, brave people are only born, they don’t have to make them.

7. If you want to be successful in the life, then pay attention to your ability, if you have two waqt’s of bread then everyone gets luck.

8. Ego, on what do you keep doing so much, like you, many people have come and gone in the world.

9. Mother and father are Gods living on this earth, who are ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of their children.

10. Our talent is also so big that, when we have #Entry in the gathering, then the colors of the gathering also change.

Stylish attitude Status in English 

Stylish attitude Status in English
Stylish attitude Status in English

11.The only difference between us and your attitude is that you only want to be a player and we are the game changer.

12.We have also changed the principle of living life, the one who does, I remember only his gifts, now I accept it.

13. Habits are not bad for us, just like our favorite kings.

14. Enemies are many of us too, but dogs and lions can never compete. 

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Mahadev Status in English

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15. We respect girls, whether it is our sister or others.

16. When people burn us, then our faces blossom like our roses.

17. Neither do we keep a car, nor do we carry any weapon, we have a lovely heart and have a dear #Freind.

18. It takes time to build both strong #tea and strong relationships.

19. #attitude drips from our face only, there is a need to show it to the hypocrites.

20. When you give yourself a stumbling block, and come out in a card #joker then the bet is bound to deteriorate.

Lajavab fb status in english 

Lajavab fb status in english
Lajavab fb status in english

21. If you want to live with pride in this world, then show it by achieving any position, because in today’s era people ask for status, not well-being.

22. The real joy of winning is when people are eager to see the spectacle of your defeat.

23. #Girls with #Attitude, stay away from me because I don’t know how to persuade a girl.

24. Don’t show more #attitude #my babe, my mobile battery is more than hot to you.

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25. Borrow cigarrate at the store, and don’t have to fall in love with beautiful girls. 

26. Only I am bound by my family rites, otherwise I also have to show status  to everyone.

27. She could not become mine, the reason for this is the reason, #lion never  #love to goats.

28. Be right in your eyes, people also have complaints with God.

29. Amazing is his tantrums and amazing is his #style, you don’t know how to talk and have a #mobile in hand.

30. #freinds asked how is your #Girlfreind, I also said that the lamp looks a bit naive, but in #attitude it is a #bullet of a gun.

Fb Status in English love 
Fb Status in English love
Fb Status in English love

31. We have only one habit that we give flowers to the girl, and dust the enemies.

32. The girl used to tell us even the teacher used to get up there and sit in front of us.

33. If the moon praised you for the whole night, then the moon also burnt and became the sun in the morning.

34. If we get upset with you then you will not be able to see even a glimpse of us.

35. Got very angry after hearing go to hell but seeing his friend said heart all is well

36. We are also the answer to the brick. We give from bricks only, why waste time in finding stones.

37. We love you so much, Facebook password is also used in your name.

38. Have stumbled a lot in love, haven’t achieved anything, still have hope.

39. Living together does not affect the company because he turned out to be unfaithful even after being with me.

40. We did not know why we have so much love for some unknown person.

Fb status in english for boy 
Fb status in english for boy
Fb status in english for boy

41. We neither punish nor forgive, we burn people with only one selfie of ours.

42.I may seem a little arrogant, but my blood is full of family.

43. My love was never fake, you left me, that was your wish.

44. Seeing you, my mind is out of control, because you are the # girl, the most # hot .

45. Youth and appearance is the moonlight of four days, falling in love with someone’s soul is the wealth of life.

46. Have loved and will give heart too, if you get married, later you will also give electricity bill in your hands.

47. The fun that is in sleeping in the bed for a long time is not that fun in any corner of the world.

48. We also want to change the world, but first we will change ourselves.

49. Don’t think that I will ever be broken, I am a lover, I will find another girl and I will be set.

50. Our mood is like the ocean, wherever we go, the path becomes our own.

51. When she met she was a stranger and after that the whole world was a stranger

52. I am very romantic because if we watch more mobile then it automatically starts heating up.

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