Beautiful Love Status in English 2021

Beautiful Love Status in English 2021

Beautiful Love Status in English

Welcome to all of you at the . We have give all types of Love Status in English, we think you may be like it so much. 2 Line Love Status in English, First Love Status in English, Love Status for Whatsapp, Romantic Status in English share it with your beautiful girlfriend, or boyfriend, lovers, partner, husband and wife and send your love with status.

Beautiful Love Status in English 2021

Beautiful Love Status in English 2021

1. If your love is true then the whole universe helps him to reconcile you.

2. You have started a new life with someone else, but what should we do, my life is only you.

3. Love doesn’t mean just being together, love means living in each other’s heart.

4. It is not necessary that it is necessary to meet in every love, it is necessary to smile just by looking at it with love.

5. If love is true then no fight will be able to put a wall between you.

6. Those who do love never care about the result.

7. Don’t ever try my love because only your name is written on all the walls of my heart.

8. Love is a blowing wind, if you have the courage, then make it your life, because you do not get such a chance again and again

9.  in love I am not necessary, you are not necessary, but in love it is necessary to support each other.

10. I have never seen love but after seeing you felt that you are my love.

2 Line Love Status in English

11. I have only one heart, but to whomever I have given my heart, that heart is one in crores.

12. After a while, I have started blushing, it seems that my friend has started loving me very much now.

13. I have become used to seeing you every day, whether you consider it my love or my passion.

14. Whether you are in my luck or not, I do not know, but I like to ask God for you.

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15. Seeing every moment we spent together, I feel like a beautiful dream has come true.

16. May my every day be beautiful, if I wake up in the morning to find myself in your arms and see you.

17. The only person who can play the game of love, there is no fear of losing.

18. Love has started getting deceived because today, the world has started loving more than the body instead of love.

19. It is not the matter of love for every person, it is necessary to have a big life, to see your own happiness ending in front of you.

20. Who can understand me other than you, I have mortgaged my soul also in your desire.

Heart Touching Love Status in English

Heart Touching Love Status in English

21. If not in reality, then meet even in a dream, no matter how you come and see this lover in agony.

22. We have never even seen a whole lot of love, in whose name the world has made a bad name.

23. Be it good people or good books, they have to read well, they do not understand this only.

24. It is not necessary that the heart aches in love only, but the heart also yearns to make some unknown relationships.

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25. Two people in this world do not sleep properly, one is the one who worries and the other is the one who loves.

26. Don’t come in front of us like this again and again, we have had patience, but we are not able to keep patience again and again after seeing you.

27. How long do you want to take the test by hiding like this, if you have said life, do you want to know now?

28. Love is also a strange thing, otherwise it is our waiting days.

29. I am not a poet, but your love has definitely made me crazy about poetry.

30. It seems that my heart has become a slave to your love, otherwise we would not have been able to suffer like this.

Fall in Love Status in English

31. I haven’t right on your love, but still why the heart says that I am waiting only for you.

32. Don’t ever be sad, I am with you, even if not in front of you, but I am around you, close my eyelids and see that I am always with you.

33. Don’t know what is the magic that you have made yourself as soon as you talk in your words.

34. Only you have stolen my heart, you have made me yours from afar, you have taught us how to forget you.

35. The heart says that at some point you will realize that I loved you with all my heart.

36. We have found a way to meet you, let’s see the distance of our eyes by closing our hearts.

37. If you will ever be in love with anyone, you will know what a desire is, if someone gets it only like this, how can one know what yearning is.

38. True love never wishes for romance or candle light dinner, it desires comoromise, respect, care and trust.

39. I feel like only my love for you should be kept silent and it is a long night, we both keep talking to each other all night, that you are my life, you are my hope.

40. There will be many people in this world who love you, but only you are my life.

Love Status in English for husband
Love Status in English for husband

41. When you meet me, it seems that time also stops for some time.

42. The biggest disease is that of our heart, neither medicine was needed in it, nor did it pray.

43. There will be many people who make you laugh in this world, but no one can love more than me.

44. I don’t care whether I can find you or not, I have loved you only if you are yes or no, I do not want it.

45. Look at her ability to injure us, she gave us a lovely smile while going close.

46. Look, I love you so much sweetheart, it will feel like you are my heart and we are your lovers.

47. I asked my girlfriend how long will you love me, she said, by keeping her hand on the heart, till this heart beats, mine.

48. Someone who cares about us has also been found, it seems that my heart has also come to an unknown.

49.  Relationships of hearts are made only by luck, otherwise meeting with thousands of people keeps happening every day.

50. Whenever I see myself in the mirror, I keep seeing only your glimpse.

One Line Love Status in English

51. I wish everyone had someone who would support them even in difficult times.

52. If i makes a mistake, then definitely scold me, but by getting angry with us, never turn my back on me.

53. He continues to tell everyone her’s  talks, the world says that we have become crazy about you.

54. We are not proud of our loyalty, but I do know that there will be no one else who wants like us.

55. What a strange thing is even in love, in our life I only crazy about you .

56. I do not have the passion to love us, but if you see you, then we have become your lovers.

57. One should also wait for the one who knows the value of your every moment.

58. Those who go around saying that there is no true love, they probably do not know your nature.

59. I don’t crazy about your body, I just want to see your love.

60. Neither I have any disease nor you have any disease, but still we have become each other’s medicine.

Feeling Love Status

Feeling Love Status

61. What a colorful feeling of your love, as if you are always with me. 

62. Can it never happen that we ask only you and you say with love that you never ask for your own things.

63. That’s why they do it unnecessarily, it is called love, if there was a reason, it would have become a business.

64. Why shouldn’t I be proud of myself, the one who wants me, the one who is loved by millions.

65. What is madness, friends, the heart will be yours and the rule will be mine.

66. neither we love dimple girl nor we love pimple girl we just love our simple girl .

67. The love of both of us is so precious that the heart may forget to beat but will not forget your name.

68. If you want to live, learn to live in someone’s heart, every person lives in pride.

69. If you want to love, do it so silently that marriage should make noise in the whole world.

70. I have only asked you from the Lord, we do not care about anything else.

Love Status for Facebook

71. It is my wish that someone comes and expresses love to us too, to meet someone who will always love us even with our shortcomings.

72. They are asking us about our weakness, they are asking us questions about themselves.

73. Your smile changes my life, tell me whether you love or cure.

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