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Radha Krishna Love Quotes in English 2022

Radha Krishna Love Quotes in English

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Radha Krishna Love Quotes in English 2022

Radha Krishna Love Quotes in English 2022

1. Radhe Krishna’s love is very precious, Explains to the whole world the value of love.

2. Krishna is black and Radha so beautiful Still, there is no pair like them to be found in the world.

3. There is a sweet smile on my lips and Krishna is standing in front of me, I have big dreams in my mind to make love with you.

4. True love comes with many obstacles, but finally Radha is with Krishna.

5. Radha and Krishna’s love has never been incomplete, The love for Krishna in Radha’s heart is complete.

Radha Krishna Love Quotes in English

6. Radha Krishna met with some excuse, the real meaning of love was to be explained in the story of their love.

7. O my Krishna, I have not been able to tie any strings, but your love is very precious and the matter of your love is something else.

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8. Our love has a different story Childhood was spent in sports and then came lovely youth.

9. Love and trust are birds, they fly wonderfully if they fly don’t come back again and again.

10. Love is a very precious flower, even though it is yours, it is not yours and it has to be given for the sake of someone else’s mistake.

Radha Krishna Quotes in English for Instagram

11. You are my beloved, you are now my Lord, O my Krishna, where do we go now without you.

12. We have a very sweet relationship with you my Krishna, this life is related to you and your love is the most beautiful.

13. Have faith that everything should be done in the name of Radhe Krishna, may you see new hope in every difficulty.

14. My happiness is related to you only, the love of my heart, without you, as this world seems as if there is no illusion.

15. If we forget, how can we forget you, you are our world, and together with you, we forget the whole world.

Radha Krishna Love Quotes in English

16. Not every relationship breaks because of the infidelity of a heartthrob, some relationships break to give happiness to love.

17. Love is neither seen cast nor seen any age limit, true love is there, where two minds meet.

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18. Ever since I have seen your lovely face, my mind has become crazy about you, everything that was ours has now become yours.

19. What have we done for you, prayers and prayers, I have loved you more than life.

20.Even if we wanted you, we were very much compelled, The closer we wanted to come, the farther we got away.

Lord Krishna Quotes on Love in English

Lord Krishna Quotes on Love in English

21. Krishna, my heart is longing to get your love, seeing your lovely face, my love is raining in my heart.

22. Most precious is the love of Radha Krishna, To get everything is called love, that is the way of the world.

23. May the whole world wish to get something in love, but Love means sacrificing everything.

24. Learn the priceless understanding of love from Radha Krishna Wherever there is true love, anger does not come again and again.

25.To see your face wandering from mind to heart, I have kept a guard on my mind to see you.

Radha Krishna Love Quotes in English

26. Those who do true love to us, they are good at us, but never leave them in the middle of the way.

27.Not everyone with a beautiful face is good at heart, and not everyone who talks sweetly is truthful.

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28.Whatever you want to love, do it like Radha and Krishna, whether you are near or far, love like a madman.

29. All the gopis have the desire to get Krishna, whatever true feeling they keep in their mind, Krishna is always with them.

30. Very wonderful and lovely face of Radha Rani, on whom the love of Banke Bihari Krishna fell.

Radha Krishna Emotional Quotes

31. Krishna wrote a letter of love to Radha Radha ji’s name was written everywhere from the beginning till the end.

32. The language of love and trust is the sweetest and most precious, they have no weight.

33. It is not a bad thing that I fell in love with you, but now we cannot forget you.

34. That love is a very wonderful love, in which despite the hope of not being together, they love immensely.

35. Believe in love like Radha Whether there may be meeting or not, but love for life.

Radha Krishna Love Quotes in English

36. The world is very mean, the world has many colors, My Krishna is very kind who always stays with me.

37. Love like Radha, don’t keep any hope, love will be your true, Radha will always take your name like Krishna with you.

38. Wherever you are, be always happy whether you are ours or not, you are always happy.

39. In love nothing is meant to be achieved, and where there is meaning there is never love.

40. For those who have true love, distance does not matter for them.

Radha waiting for Krishna Quotes in English
Radha waiting for Krishna Quotes in English

41. Radha and Krishna, no matter how far away, Still, there is a lot of love in their hearts.

42. Whose heart beats only and only for you why would he leave you for someone else.

43. Even in love, it works like a magic wand, no matter how difficult it is, there is the name of your love on the lips.

44. Oh my dear Krishna, now we do not like this whole world, when my heart remembers you.

45. Oh my dear Kanha, my friend is also you, my love is also you, my life is my life and I do it only for you.

Radha Krishna Love Quotes in English

46.All my prayers, all my prayers and all my prayers are only for you.

47. Heart beats, my Krishna, now for you, the thoughts of the mind are also only for you, the whole life is now on your way.

48. It is also not good to have too much emotion in love, it is also necessary to believe in your heart with your heart.

49. If your love is true like Radha, then you will definitely get love like Krishna.

50. Small fights and little nuggets are a sign of love.

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