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Latest Whatsapp Status in English 2021

Whatsapp Status in English

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Welcome to all of at our website Sevendaymotivations.com आप सभी का यहां पर हार्दिक स्वागत है। यहां पर हम आपके लिए whatsapp status का पूरा सेट English में लेकर आए हैं। तो इन्हें अपने फ्रैंड्स और अन्य लोगों को whatsapp par शेयर किजिए।

Latest Whatsapp Status in English 2021

Latest Whatsapp Status in English 2021

1. If you want to become, then be the person with money, because girls also dream of the prince, not of the pauper.

2. If you want to earn, then earn on your own whether it is respect or fame.

3. We only love, we do not know how to hate, only you are in this heart, we do not like anyone else.

4. That moment is very beautiful when someone smiles on seeing your face.

5.  If you are beautiful like a princess,  then we are also no less than a princess.

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6. My #Girlfreind says that you are very naive, but what do those  innocent people know, this Majnu is alone in the midst of 100 Lailas.

7. We talk without saying anything, this is how two lovers meet.

8. I make a promise to you, I will love you more than myself.

9. Don’t know when that beautiful night will come, when you will come to me as a bride.

10. May God bless everyone with such support, no matter who gets his hand in helping difficult.

Whatsapp Status in English one line

Whatsapp Status in English one line

11. People say that if you love you will be killed, but whatever the heart says, it will be seen.

12. We talk within our limits, but people consider it proud.

13. Speak as little as possible, people will be eager to hear you.

14. Of course, everyone’s father loves true, but not all of the father’s fairies love true.

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15. We are the emperor of our heart, we listen to the heart and do what the heart does.

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16. We love you like this, we thank God for seeing you smiling.

17. Yes, if love is from the heart then only love us, otherwise you stay at your home.

18. Love never expects to be together for life, love wants only loyalty in love.

19. In true love, no matter what distances are found, but love always remains intact.

20. I don’t want to be with you for the rest of my life, I want to live with you.

Whatsapp Status in English Attitude
Whatsapp Status in English Attitude

21.You learn to talk to us with respect, otherwise, by showing your arrogance, what will you uproot us?

22. Wherever lions go, they are called kings, the areas are only for dogs.

23. We know how to play both the gun and the guitar, now you decide what you would like.

24. We do not punish those who burn, only show our selfie . 

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25. Have the right aim because bad people do things too.

26. You do not have the right to stand in front of us, and you are talking about paying the account.

27. It is a bad time, it will change after some time, but those who have changed will be remembered.

28. If you want to earn a name in the world, then only your heart will not work, you have to work with your mind.

29. Let me sit quietly and speak in my love, then your speaking will stop.

30. Don’t show too much decency to the age or else you will be considered weak.

Whatsapp Status in English about Life
Whatsapp Status in English about Life

31.  The whole world is sold here, just everyone’s price is different.

32. This is a mean world, sir, here the liar is accepted, and the true person becomes a victim.

33.The world of technology has started flourishing like this, now even the love of lovers has started going online.

34. Nowadays people get angry with their loved ones to meet the starnger people.

35. Make a small identity of yourself, in the big shadow of others, there is only darkness.

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36. Till yesterday people had air of money, but today they have become money of air.

37. Complete your passion on your own time, sir, because life goes on ending every day.

38. Act like a brave, and claw like a lion.

39. There is also a special thing in responsibilities, it keeps you decent.

40.We like freedom everywhere, whether it is a place of work or someone’s heart.

Whatsapp Status in English Life inspiration
Whatsapp Status in English Life inspiration

41.In making the other person big, never become small yourself.

42.  Fulfill your passion with your own money, spend others’ money foolishly.

43. If you want to do it, show someone equal to you, what is the use of copying.

44. If you work hard enough, the doors of luck will open automatically.

45. If you have to do it, show it by doing great things, even children do big things.

Royal attitude status in english

46. Don’t show too much attitude my love, hotter than you is our #cigarrate.

47. When your bird starts eating other’s grains, it is better to set it free.

48. It doesn’t matter if the age is small, we carry the whole world with the desire to keep it in our fist.

49. Show your strength not by showing your strength, but by making noise of the enemy.

50. Don’t show to much attitude, son, otherwise what we have in our eyes is stuck directly in the crematorium.

51. You look so cute in anger that my heart wants to tease you all day.

52. It doesn’t matter if you change the way or change your house, but when you, change your behaviour it hurts.

53. People in this world love as long as they are needed and we feel that they love us with all their heart

54. Always keep one thing in mind, but don’t expect anything from anyone.

55. Often there is a lot of pain behind a cute smile

56. What is kept in listening and reciting, people cross the limit in hurting their hearts

57.Only lucky people get such a Life partner who loves and appreciates too.

तो फ्रैंड्स, आपको whatsapp status in english का ये पोस्ट पसंद आया होगा ऐसी आशा करते है। तो इसे अपने freinds circle और अन्य लोगों के साथ शेयर ज़रूर करें।

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